Valentines Day Massacre at the Parkland Florida High School

As I still try to absorb the heart breaking tragedy of the Valentines Day massacre at the Douglas High School in Parkland Florida, it very hard for me to remain silent I am so angry and upset, that the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) who polices the City of Parkland and other areas of the county FAILED to assess how such an emotionally disturbed teenager can carry out such a heinous vicious attack, with over a hundred different warnings.

As a former member of the Law Enforcement family, and now currently a well known security expert, its very hard to discredit and insult our fellow members of Law Enforcement that put on a uniform every day, and pray they come home after their 8 hour shift alive and in one piece. This Tragedy, has forced me to break my silence. This is only intended to the Sheriff, the 4 deputies that were in uniform armed and did nothing. How dare they? What an insult. These 5 individuals should be fired immediately.

On another note, the 2 most dangerous situations for Law Enforcement, are car stops and domestic disputes. When attending a family dispute, the first question you ask are there any weapons in the house, before entering. During a car stop you ask is there anything in this car I need to know about?

How is it possible that different BSO Duputies who responded approximately 39 times to this murderers house and calls related to his actions or social media posts did not forward this to any of his superiors, and mental professionals? It iss disgraceful! They should all be fired as well.

Did they think it’s just another coffee trip to Mr. Cruz’s house?

The FBI agent who was assigned to this case failed these 17 Dead Children, 14 wounded victims, their families, friends, communities, along with BSO. You are just as fault for passing the buck.

As most of you probably don’t know, Law Enforcement often receives more funding when their crime statistics are kept Low! Hopefully Sheriff Israel is the case…